Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resident Updates

At Fort Hood Family Housing, our number one priority is always to provide safe and healthy homes, communities, and workplaces. This commitment is increasingly vital in the face of growing novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns.  We are committed to working in collaboration with our military partners to enhance and coordinate communications and provide factual and transparent information to our residents. 

Resident Update - 5/26/2021

Dear Valued Residents: 

Fort Hood Family Housing continues to monitor COVID-19 very closely. We are optimistic that the increased availability of COVID-19 vaccines across the country will allow us to continue transitioning our operations back toward a more normalized status.  We are monitoring installation Health Protection Conditions (HPCON), the percentage of resident homes classified as quarantine in the community, state, local, and installation opening guidelines, and vaccination availability regularly.  Beginning Tuesday, June 1st, all Fort Hood Family Housing offices will reopen to walk-in traffic with limited capacity and appropriate COVID-19 safety precautions. 
We are excited to take this step and ask that you follow all posted guidelines when you are visiting the Fort Hood Family Housing office locations. 
Community Offices

  • Offices will have posted occupancy limits for waiting areas and visitors are asked to wait outside in the event the waiting area is at capacity.  Check-in by phone is available in this situation.  Residents that prefer to make an appointment are still invited to do so.
  • Visitors are required to follow current DoD mask guidance and social distancing at all times.  We will continue to conduct some operations virtually and allow customers to choose how they prefer to interact with our teams.  We will conduct “in-person” move-ins, move-outs and home showings using our social distancing practices, or these actions can be completed virtually upon request using our remote practices.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures will remain in place including daily sanitation of all hard surfaces in community centers and offices.  A professional cleaner will sanitize all indoor community areas and offices at least weekly.
  • Wipes and hand sanitizer will be available in all indoor community areas.
  • We will continue to waive fees for rental payments via credit or debit card on the Resident Portal at this time.  This practice is reviewed on a monthly basis.  
  • The danger of exposure to COVID-19 still exists.  By entering or using community amenities, you take responsibility for your own protection and agree to follow CDC prevention guidance and current DoD policies. 
  • Outdoor Amenities such as playgrounds, dog parks, basketball courts and skateparks are open or will open on the normal seasonal schedule.
    • The Kouma Pool and all splash pads will reopen when operations allow, lifeguards are hired, and they are all safely operable after a year of not being in operation.
  • Indoor amenities such as multi-purpose rooms and fitness centers will reopen in sync with federal, state, local and installation recommendations.  Our property management team will keep you updated on the reopening status of indoor amenities as conditions allow.
  • Multi-purpose room at Kouma will reopen for resident use beginning June 1st.  Please follow all posted guidelines and contact your community office for reservations and the full list of health and safety procedures. 
    • Please comply with current DoD mask guidance and maintain social distancing whenever possible.
    • Event size must not exceed the current CDC recommendations for public gatherings.  Room capacity is posted.
    • Wipe down tables and chairs before and after use for your protection using the disinfectant provided.
    • We ask that you wash or sanitize your hands often.  Hand-sanitizer dispensers are available for your use.
    • All personal property must be removed from the room upon completion of the event.
    • All trash must be bagged and placed in the marked area of the room.
As a reminder, do not enter community offices or amenities if you have a fever, flu-like symptoms, a diminished sense of taste and smell, or have come in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.
Your health and safety are our top priorities, and we will continue to follow CDC and public health recommendations as we work through safely reinstating services in our communities.  We urge you to remain vigilant and continue to follow the best practices that have brought us this far.  We appreciate your continued patience and understanding as we work together to keep our community safe and healthy.

Thank you,

Your Fort Hood Family Housing Team

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