Only ROUTINE request for maintenance may be submitted online and you must have a signed permission to enter (PTE) on file with your Community Office.

For Emergency or Urgent requests please call our 24 hour maintenance center at 254-532-3133

For life threatening emergencies please call 911.

What to expect when submitting an online routine work request:

At the beginning of each workday all web generated requests are reviewed and the process of scheduling repairs begins. If you have a signed “Permission to Enter” on file and have provided adequate detail for creating and scheduling the work order, no further action is required. A member of our maintenance team will be dispatched to your home to make the requested repair. However, if we require additional information in order to ensure the proper technician is assigned, we will contact you via phone.

Definition of Emergency, Urgent, and Routine Service Orders:

What is an Emergency Service Order? An emergency condition exists when there is an immediate threat to life or property such as a natural gas leak, a water line rupture, an activating smoke or carbon monoxide alarm, etc.

What is an Urgent Service Order?

An urgent condition exists when there is no immediate threat to life or property, but if the problem is not corrected in a timely manner it may become an emergency condition. Examples are a clogged sink, a clogged toilet, all stove burners not operating, etc.

What is a Routine Service Order?

A routine service order is any task which does not meet the definition of emergency or urgent. Examples are loose door knobs, loose screws or hinges, torn window screens, etc.

It is very important that your contact information is accurate and up-to-date. Failure to provide accurate and working contact information may result in a delayed or canceled work order.

Do not use the email system to file an EMERGENCY Maintenance Order Request.
For Emergency Service Requests please call 254-532-3133.



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